Proposal for new IEC 61850 SFD file

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Asset owners have a very clear mechanism for creating specifications and single line diagrams.  A 'conventional' drawing identifies characteristics once e.g. CT ratio.  There are many other examples where conventional engineering involves single entities.

In an IEC 61850 implementation, this information may need appear several times throughout the SSD/SCD in each of several devices, thus requiring individual update whenever the information changes.

By establishing a hierarchical LN structure information can be inherited from the parent element, hence only needing to be specified once.

Hence a new file type SFD is proposed together with two new Data Objects LNType and GrRef.

SFD and Heirarchy Nodes DOC and PPT.pdf

This document SFD Example.pdf gives an example of how an SFD with enhanced LN DataObjects will aid the complete engineering life cycle:



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