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Rod Hughes Consulting is proud to distribute these these tools to aid you IEC 61850 experience

  • Helinks STS:  Vendor Independent Engineering Process as the System Specification Tool and/or System Configuration Tool - producing SSD and SCD
  • Tekvel GOOSE Wheel:  Goose configuration visualisation tool - graphical vitalisation and analysis of what is being published and subscribed
  • FMTP IEC 61850 Multimeter:  Turns IEC 61850 LAN messages into visual information of what the messages contain
  • StreamX: Engineering co-ordination platform

The purpose of IEC 61850 is to provide an engineering process and platform to enable configuration of multi-vendor IEDs to be able to communicate with each other.

Indeed IEC 61850-6 comes before the Common Data Classes and Logical Nodes defined in IEC 61850-7-x and the message structures defined in IEC 61850-8-1 and IEC 61850-9-2

Having a comprehensive suite of professional tools is critical to obtaining the benefits of IEC 61850 as an engineering process.

IEC 61850-6 defines three categories of Tools

  1. System Specification Tool (to over-simplify its purpose as create the SIngle Line Diagram structure and functional libraries in the SSD file)
  2. System Configuration Tool (as the "single source of truth" of the configuration of all the IEDs in the SCD file, and from which the individual CID and SED files can be extracted)
  3. IED Configuration Tool (as supplied by each vendor for their iED to manage the creation/pre-configuration of the ICD file and the loading of the CID file, together with any non-IEC 61850 vendor-proprietary configuration such as logic to the IED)

If you are only using the vendor-specific IED Configuration Tool, it is like trying to build a house using ONLY a hammer! a bad experience (sad)

It is unlikely that having one tool "in your pocket" will do all the tasks required for dealing with an IEC 61850 system, or just simply it is not a practical solution that suits everyone's needs and pockets ...

.. and where is the hammer or the shovel?,

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