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So how does a technician isolate a function or a GOOSE message?

How does a technician initiate a change of Sample Value source to a test set for an IED?

Where does the technician plug in to the LAN? - is that physically and cyber-secure to prevent disruption of the LAN?

The whole process of operator interaction (human interoperability) with the system must be established by a suitable Operator Test Interface for operation, control and test of the Substation Automation System. This OTI Patent provides suitable facilities to cater for :

  1. The mechanisms for being able to turn one Logical Node ON in a group and the others OFF for testing e.g. one of four PTOC for a testing a particular stage
  2. Providing familiar control mechanisms for the operator independent and regardless of the choice of IED vendors (same on every panel in every substation)
  3. Being independent of the IEDs/functions being isolated (a brain surgeon cannot operate on himself so why would you use the buttons on a protection relay to isolate itself?)
  4. Providing physical security of the network to prevent wrong Ethernet cables being disconnected from the LAN switches and keep technicians (of which there may be several different types of technicians wanting to connect things to the network) away from permanent electrical connections in the rear of the panel
  5. Providing cyber security of authorisation of connection and communication of laptops and test sets to the network
  6. Automating the mode selection commands to make the entire SAS safe for whatever tests are to be performed based on the Systems Integrators knowledge of the entire system – not made up on the spot by the test technician with potentially limited understanding of the SAS interactions
  7. Being “passive” to the normal operation of the SAS so it can itself be replaced without disruption of the SAS

Download OTI Brochure: IEC 61850 Operating and Test Interface.pdf


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