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The “end-to-end engineering” system engineering process and tool suite must support:

  • multiple engineers
  • in multiple departments
    • Condition Monitoring Systems,
    • Plant Automation and Control,
    • Asset Management,
    • Event Investigation,
    • Security systems
    • Protection
    • SCADA
    • ...
  • in multiple organisations
    • Asset owner
    • consultants
    • contractors
  • over multiple phases
    • Specification

    • Proof Of Concept

    • Procurement

    • Configuration

    • Factory Acceptance Testing

    • Site Acceptance Testing

    • Commissioning

    • Operation

    • Maintenance Testing

    • Replacement
    • Refurbishment
    • Expansion
  • encompassing multiple primary plant and secondary equipment projects
  • coherently deployed over the next 100 years of each substation
  • incorporating hundreds of functions,
  • provided in dozens of different IED box types
  • from dozens of different vendors
  • in a manner that enhances reliability, reduces risks and is Reusable Engineering.

StreamX is a comprehensive solution suite to the critical issues facing any asset owner and systems integrator StreamX Platform Brochure

The deployment of IEC 61850 within a utility inherently and critically needs management of the engineering process and coordination across multiple projects for consistent policy implementation.

StreamTools Engineering Management Tools

StreamTools manages the engineering process of (multiple) projects via a Web application dealing with the multi-engineer, multi-department, multi-organisation, multi-phase requirements of system engineering projects.

StreamTools also facilitates all configuration database maintenance operations (backup, user management, validations, etc.).

Requiring no software, it can be accessed from any workstation via the internet, respecting access rights and using an ultra-secure link.

Data are backed up in databases and exported in binary format files to the runtime modules.

Different data configuration versions and all additions, deletions and modifications are archived with a historical record, thereby providing a comprehensive overview of the evolution of a particular project and facilitating a flashback.

StreamTools uses advance security strategies at both user and data level to ensure total cohesion between projects and the operators who set up configurations.

StreamTools Brochure

StreamDesign System Configuration Tools

StreamDesign is the software module of the StreamX product which handles IEC 61850 compliant engineering functions for substations.

This complete product gives the user control over all stages of implementation based on standard IEC 61850: from the single line diagram to pre-configuration of IEDs via data management and documentation.

StreamDesign Brochure

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