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StreamX is a comprehensive solution suite to the critical issues facing any asset owner and systems integrator. StreamX Platform Brochure


Off-line Engineering



Runtime Solutions

Engineering ManagementStreamTools   


System Configuration


Substation SCADAStreamBrain 
Sequence of EventsStreamLog 
Substation HMI


StreamBridge Acquisition Server

StreamBridge serves as a communication gateway and integrates many protocols including

• IEC 61850 Client

• IEC 60870-5-101 Master and Slave

• IEC 60870-5-103 Master

• IEC 60870-5-104 Client and server

• Landis & Gyr TG800 Master and Slave

• SAIA S-BUS TCP/IP – Master Series

• SNMP V1, V2 Client

• ALSPA S8000 Client

• OPC DA 2.05 Client and Server

• RP 570, 571 Master

• Modbus/JBUS TCP/IP – Master Series


• ABB MB300

StreamBridge handles the acquisition, routing, archiving and management of process signals by communicating with different types of RTU or IED and also with different protection or control and command equipment.

It transmits information and commands between the process and StreamBrain (the local SCADA) or any third party market system, as well as to a control centre.  It can also interconnect third party systems via proprietary or standardised protocols.

StreamBridge has uniform and standardised communication capabilities. Depending on particular application requirements, StreamBridge can be redundant and provide a hot standby. Ease of implementation, together with its low cost, allows multiple deployment and installation as close as possible to the process.

Stream Bridge Brochure

StreamBrain SCADA Calculator


StreamBrain is the calculator containing all SCADA functions.

It distributes information to all operators and processes their actions.

It ensures control of the process and manages changes in the state of process objects, such as alarms, etc.

StreamBrain manages access rights granted to operators to send commands or acknowledge alarms, according to their profiles, in various domains within an application or according to work stations.

StreamBrain is a client and server. Its process identification points can use many sources originating from StreamBridge or from a standard OPC server

StreamLog Event Recorder

The StreamLog application layer is in a sense the black box of the whole system. Depending on the configuration, changes of state of process objects and system events are recorded here, together with all actions taken by operators. All of these events are recorded with the corresponding date and time.

StreamLog provides users with an unlimited number of lists or logbook type which can be freely configured to meet application requirements.

A number of search and sort possibilities are available enabling these events to be displayed in the StreamView section.

StreamView Process Display


StreamView allows a graphic representation of process objects, event lists and alarm lists via a multi-station and multi-screen interface.

StreamX uses tried and tested market containers to host ActiveX components specific to data types to be displayed and ensure the graphic representation of data.

StreamView also offers graphic display tools to present the operator with a view of instantaneous measurement trends, together with historical values stored in the databases.


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